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About Solani

Solani is a 3D atmospheric adventure game that is based on the concept of light. Light as main weapon, light as navigation and light to create atmosphere.
Due to an event the player is trapped in a "dark" world and needs to find a way back to the real world.

"Explore, Discover, Learn"

Explore the world, discover ancient ruines, cities, temples and conquer enemies and obstacles to find a way back home.

Use abilities and search for components to upgrade your weapon and customize your playstyle!




Solani was made by a team of 5 people including me that consisted out of 4 programmers and 1 artist.(Nick Hintjes, Quinten Wuyts, Brecht Vanden Bossche and Mathias Lauwers)
One of the main challenges of this project was to make a game for WebGl(holding into account the limitations and platform specifications).

Features I worked on:

  • Concept of the game together with Nick Hintjes
  • Level Designer - Made all maps (3) and the 3D scene for the main menu.
    This included:
    • Generating Height maps for Unity terrain, sculpting and editing the terrain.
    • Thinking of a theme for the level (Shipwreck - Temple area - City area)
    • Make the level with the building blocks the artist provided - Think about flow & design
    • Light & atmosphere and also performance aspects like occlusion
  • Made a Custom Snowshader to add snow to our meshes without the need of textures.
    Together with this shader I created a snowmaterial using this shader. The material is applied on every mesh so Unity can batch aggressively and there are less or almost none context switches while rendering, both to gain performance.
    Solani Snowshader 1
    With snowshader
    Solani Snowshader 2
    No snowshader

    To edit the shader I made a script so we can tweak the amount of snow, the strength of the snow, the depth, the color, text,.. and even falling snow.
    Solani Snowshader Script
  • All Particle effects (Snow system, abilities, Pillar Ring, Health, ....)
    Fog System I worked together with Quinten Wuyts.
  • Inventory system - View & backend logic.
  • Lantern abilities, Lantern stats & lantern backend logic(core), Lantern components.
  • Lever and gate implementation
  • Loading screens with tips & Credits screen
  • Part of checkpoints logic


Solani Screenshot 1 Solani Screenshot 2 Solani Screenshot 3 Solani Screenshot 4 Solani Screenshot 5 Solani Screenshot 6 Solani Screenshot 7 Solani Screenshot 8 Solani Screenshot 9