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Status: Currently looking for an internship


Custom 3D C++ EngineWork In Progress

Rhyryn is a custom 3D C++ Engine written from scratch. In this project I try to apply what I have learned from working on Illus Engine and take it to the next step.
Originally the engine was using Directx11 deferred rendering pipeline but because I wanted to have more control over the rendering pipeline and support different platforms I switched to Vulkan.

With this engine I try to use as many new technologies as possible to learn and experiment with. I also want to give control to the programmer so the programmer can decide on different aspects instead of the engine controls it for you. A few Examples: Frustrum and Occlusion culling behaviour and how and when objects should be culled. Group objects together in large index buffers. Use multithreaded or not.
All this to get the best performance for the game.

Early Alpha Footage


  • Build with C++
  • Vulkan Rendering
  • Provided as DLL so other projects can work with it
  • Pbr lighting model. Metalness - Roughness workflow implemented. (Textures and values are supported)
  • Environment map lighting for the pbr lighting model (skybox)
  • Frustrum and GPU Occlusion Culling
  • Directional light with PCF shadows implementation
  • Rhyryn Editor to visualize and edit objects with own console for logging / debugging
  • Multi-threading (Logic & Drawing)
  • WireFrame Mode
  • LOD's
  • Asset store for materials, meshes, textures,...
  • Adjustable window(s) -> WindowManager
    • Supports every 16:9 format
    • Border - Borderless - Exclusive fullscreen - Fullscreen
  • Windows 32 C++ UI (text, tabs, editbox, lists, buttons, treeView)
  • Custom Memory Manager
  • Services instead of managers
  • User Input
  • Documentation by Doxygen & Graphviz
  • RenderDoc as debug tool
  • OBj importer by STB

Future Features:

  • Post-processing effects
  • Nvidia PhysX
  • 2D - 3D Sound - Fmod
  • FBX importer
  • Integration of Illus (2D support)

LOD System

Level of detail spheres
Sphere LOD's